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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) We were having issues on Macs. Do you need to have JAVA installed on the computer?
2) I tried to record the session and it did not have any audio. Does it record the audio if I dial in?
3) Attendees are not asked if they are dialing in or using their own mic and camera. Does the program automatically activate the camera and mic?
4) I am using a MAC and the Turbo Meeting application is not allowing me to login without a meeting server address. What is the "Meeting Server Address"?

Turbo Meeting is a tool used by the ITS Support Center to provide remote computer assistance. The ITS Support Center is using this tool in support of the Help Desk and Standard Desktop Support services.


To Receive Assistance with Turbo Meeting

Turbo Meeting should only be run when you are on the phone with an ITS Support Center technician. Do not run Turbo Meeting and allow remote control unless you are on the phone with a PUSD tech and understand what is being done via remote support.

1. Download the Turbo Meeting Software
[Join a Meeting if u already downloaded the Turbo Meeting software Click Here to Join Now]

Windows Turbo Meeting
This download is a program file that you can double-click to run.
Mac OS X Turbo Meeting 
This is a disk image file.  Opening the dmg file will display a window with the TurboMeeting program inside.


2. Run Turbo Meeting
Save the downloaded file to your desktop and double-click on the Turbo Meeting icon to start the software. Remote control is only possible when this application is running.

You will see a window with an ID and Password. The ID will be provided to you by one of our technicians along with a password.


3. Allow remote control by ITS Support Center technician

4. Quit Turbo Meeting

Close the Turbo Meeting application to terminate the remote control session. You can keep the software on your computer for future assistance, or delete it and re-download again if necessary.