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Induction Support


The Induction Program Coaches are experienced educational leaders who have a deep understanding of the needs of students in PUSD schools; have the ability to effectively coach adult learners to improve their practice; and have the ability to reflect on and monitor their coaching impact and Candidate growth.  They are selected by the Induction Leadership Team and every effort is made to match a Coach with a Candidate who can best benefit from that coach’s experience.

Mentors meet with their Candidates for 40+ hours over the course of each year, providing just-in-time (“Please help me with this!”) and long-term support, which includes supporting the candidate’s (1) growth and attainment of designated CPSEL outcomes; (2) success in his/her current assignment; and (3) development of leadership behaviors that will support success in future leadership positions. Coaches observe their Candidates at work and provide them with objective, formative feedback and support. They have the responsibility of helping the Candidate complete the program requirements and their on-line portfolio.

Coaches receive 3 days of professional development each year to increase their knowledge and coaching capacity.  

Candidates meet their assigned Coaches at the Kickoff Meeting, if not before.

Coach Qualifications

  • Current Clear California Administrative Services Credential
  • Five years of experience as an administrator
  • Evidence of the following:
    • Recognized success as an educational leader (evals, school awards, personal leadership awards)
    • Leadership of significant growth in student learning
    • Active learning leadership
    • Development and active support of a positive, professional school culture and growth mindset
    •  Active promotion and support of parent & community engagement
    • Active promotion and support of advancing equitable access for students
  • Desirable qualities:
    •  Leadership within and beyond the district
    •  Leadership in cultural transformation
    •  Mentoring or nurturing the development of other educational leaders
    •  Active community service
    •  Active engagement in professional associations within and beyond the district
    •  Proficiency with instructional technology

Site Administrators

Site administrators play an important role for all Candidates in the Induction Program. They support the development of the candidate by ensuring consistent access to all CPSEL standards and its job-embedded application including but not limited to access to professional leadership perspectives through: coaching and frequent reflection of practice, intentional opportunities to participate in design, support in the promoting leadership and interpersonal skills, engage in dialogue on diagnosing the causes of organizational problems at both macro and micro-organizational levels (e.g., system-wide and individual), providing multiple opportunities for candidates to apply skills of reasoned and objective inquiry and propose effective solutions considering the political context and its implications. In addition, Site Administrators ensure that candidates are exposed to and have opportunities to understand environmental contexts, organizational culture, intra-organizational systems, and their influence on human behavior and educational outcomes. The candidates’ readiness to assume principal leadership responsibilities is in large part a byproduct of the site administrators’ support.

Induction staff keep site administrators informed of current program components and events to allow for reflective conversations to be focused on the Candidate’s professional growth as it relates to the Induction process.

Site administrators participate in a triad meeting with their Candidate and Coach, at which the Candidate shares his/her Individual Learning Plan and elicits feedback, suggestions and/or related support from the administrator.  Site administrators may not use the Candidates’ ILPs for purposes of evaluation for employment.


Program Staff

Induction Program staff members are available to support all prospective Candidates before and during their Induction Program experience. Staff members are ready to help participants find answers to their questions regarding curriculum, site and district resources, and the requirements for earning a California Clear Credential.


Program Director

Dr. Kathrine Morillo-Shone 909-397-4800, Ext. 23830

Program Administrator

Dr. Pat L. Pawlak 909-397-4711, Ext. 21232

Induction Secretary

Ezana Alemayehu

909-397-4711, Ext. 21232