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Program Registration Process

  1. Kindergarten Registration starts in February.
  2. Parents complete the application for Dual Language Immersion Program.
  3. Bilingual students will be balanced with Spanish and English-dominant students. (50% of the slots in the kindergarten program enrollment numbers are reserved for native Spanish speakers.)
  4. Applicants will be assessed to determine their language proficiency.
  5. For those families who are not selected, the child will be placed on a waitlist and parents will be notified by the end of June if a placement is available for the Fall school year.
  6. Parents must agree to sign a DLI Parent Compact in order to complete the enrollment process.
  7. Parents of English Learners must sign the Parent Exception Waiver as a choice to not participate in the default Structured Immersion Program (SEI) and instead select the “alternative option” of enrolling their children into the DLI program. In the future, the Dual Language Immersion Program will become a school of choice available through the PUSD lottery process.