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Request Support Online!

How to Request Support Online!

Staff can get access to the resources available for requesting services from specific departments. Scheduled outages will be noted in the NEWS section below. 

Chose from one of the options below that best meets your needs.


Information Technology Help Desk (Start Here) 
*Request Computer, Network, and Phone Support


Help Desk Follow this link to report any problems with telephones or computers to the Information Technology Services department sections. Your request will be automatically routed to the section responsible based on the "Problem Type" you choose. If you have any questions, feel free to contact out Application Help Desk at (909) 397-4800 x HELP (4357) or your site tech. 


Maintenance & Operations - SchoolDudes (Start Here)

This link will take you to the Maintenance and Operations SchoolDude Online Maintenance Requesitions. Please direct any questions regarding this system to Maintenance and Operations (909) 397-4800 x 3909 Requests could include and/or not limited to: Route, recurring, and usual work for the preservation or protection of any publicly owned or publicly operated facility for its intended purposes.


Facility Help Desk (Start Here)
*Request Facility, Warehouse, and Site Support

Here you will have the ability to request services from all other departments as they become available. Currently you can request the following services:

Facilities - Public Projects 
This includes: Construction, reconstruction, erection, alteration, renovation, improvement, demolition, and repair work involving any publicly owned, leased, or operated facility. 

  • Uniform Complaint Procedures 
  • Warehouse Work Requests 
  • Cartage Services 
  • Instructional Services - Books 
  • Site Band 
  • Runs Surplus