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Program Overview

Program Overview

Pomona Unified School District’s (PUSD) Administrator Induction Program (PACCP) has been a state-approved induction program since 2017.  Our program provides individual support and professional development for full-time or part-time PUSD administrators with California Preliminary Administrative Services credentials, enabling them to earn their Clear credentials.

The PUSD Human Resources department gives each new-hire holding a preliminary credential requiring clearance through participation in an Induction Program contact information for the program, including phone number and e-mail and web addresses. HR also provides the program with new hire information.  HR provides the same contact information to newly-preliminary-credentialed administrators who are already district employees. 

Interested administrators contact program staff to request inclusion, and program staff reach out to preliminary-credentialed administrators to offer Induction.  This two-pronged process ensures that administrators do not slip through the cracks.  

Potential Candidates meet with the Program Administrator, who shares program information and answers any questions they may have.  At the end of the presentation, they are offered an application to submit.

From the information provided on the application, the program identifies an appropriate Coach, matching as appropriate to the participant’s employment, and invites the teacher to attend the Induction Program Kickoff.   


The Kick-Off meeting is held in late August/September.  On that day, the Candidates and Coaches take part in the orientation to the program.  

Ongoing Coaching:  40+ hours per year of 1:1 coaching, during which coach and candidate collaborate on leadership assessments related to the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs) and on learning designs relevant to the candidate’s job responsibilities and leadership growth.

On-Line Portfolio:

*Individual Learning Plans:  At least once a year, Candidates identify a goal in which they would like to increase their leadership capacity.  This goal is developed in conjunction with the Candidate’s Coach and Site Administrator  In an ILP, Candidates discuss how this goal relates to their prior experience and training, district and site priorities, and their job responsibilities.

*Design Learning Templates:  Candidates create and implement a plan of activities designed to support achievement of the goal identified in the ILP.  In a Design Learning Template, Candidates 

▪ hypothesize how engaging in a certain leadership style or behavior might result in an outcome related to the goal; 

▪ consider conditions needed to support their progress; 

▪ list strategies and resources to support the goal; 

▪ identify data they might collect as evidence of having implemented the plan and of having attained the set goal; and 

▪ reflect on their learning related to the CPSEL elements. 

Common Professional Learning:  Candidates attend seven 3-hour professional learning sessions (approximately monthly).  Sessions are facilitated by PUSD administrators, and are aligned with the CPSELs:

Student-Centered Vision

Professional Learning Culture

Curriculum & Instruction

Ethical Decision Making

School Climate

Parent & Family Engagement

Understanding & Communicating Policy

Individualized Professional Learning:  8+ hours of self-selected learning based on Individual Learning Plan goals and Candidate needs identified by the Coach and Candidate.  Criteria for selection:  research based; provides time for reflection and engagement; provides direct instruction, modeling, problem-based practice, and the opportunity for planning for adaptation/implementation.

Self-Assessments:  Three times during the program (initial, summative and benchmark), the Candidate and Coach collaborate to assess the Candidate’s level of proficiency on the CPSELs.

End-of-Program Portfolio Presentation and Exit Interview:  Participants completing Year 2 of the program receive verification of completion documentation that allows them to apply for the Professional Clear Credential.