Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is San Antonio Regional Occupational Program (ROP)?
  2. San Antonio ROP is a public education service in partnership with Bonita and Pomona Unified School Districts that provides practical, hands-on career preparation and guidance through a combination of classroom experiences and community-based internships.

  3. Who may participate in the ROP program?
    ROP serves, in order of priority: a) high schools students 16 years and older, b) non-students 16 through 22 years, and then c) adults.

  4. How much does it cost to participate in San Antonio ROP classes?
    Courses for High School Students do not cost. There may be exception for industry testing fees in some courses which is optional. ROP Adult Courses are fee based.

  5. Must I reside in the Pomona Unified School District to participate in ROP?
    The San Antonio ROP serves Pomona, La Verne, San Dimas, northeast Diamond Bar and surrounding areas.

  6. How do I enroll in the ROP program?
    High school students enroll through the career center or the counselor's office at their high school. Non-students and adults enroll by calling the ROP office during business hours at (909) 397-4711 x 21567

  7. Do I earn credits for ROP classes?
    High school students receive credit toward graduation requirements. Some courses offer students college credit or advanced placement from local community colleges.

  8. May I participate even though I am still learning English?
    Yes, you may participate. Lack of English skills is no barrier to admission. There is no discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, gender, religion, ancestry, handicaps, or national origin. However, English classes may be recommended, and some courses require fingerprinting. See the instructor for details.

  9. How can members of the business community contribute to the ROP program?
    Advisory Committees: If you would like to join local community leaders in education, business, and industry to serve on an advisory committee. Contact the ROP office at  909-397-4711 ext. 21567




  • Save Old and New Job Descriptions
  • Track Jobs You Have Applied To
  • Prepare Different Resume for Each Job
  • Make Electronic an Electronic Copy of Materials in Your Portfolio
  • Attend Job Fairs to Practice Interview Skills
  • Register with Job Agencies and Network
Additional Portfolio Guide
*Check with your ROP Teacher for additional documents to include or omit in your portfolio that are specific to your career pathway. 
Pomona Unified School District Jobs
Mt. San Antonio College Jobs
General Job Search Websites

EdJoin: School District Jobs

CA Community Colleges Jobs

Government Jobs

California Jobs

San Antonio Regional Occupational Program Adult (SAROP) fee-based classes:


  • Crossover*- Barbering to Cosmetology 
  • Crossover*- Cosmetology to Barbering
  • Hospital and Community Health*
  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and Home Health Aid*
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid*
  • Serve Safe Certification*


*Programs are not offered through Pomona Adult and Career Education. For registration and program details call the ROP number at 909-397-4711 extension 21567  or visit ROP Website


Open San Antonio ROP CDE Information Here

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Workforce Readiness » Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Why Do I Need Soft Skills?
Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success. Read below what they are and why you need them.
(Click on the blue links for more information on each soft skill)

Communication Skills

Communication skills are always top of the ‘essential skills’ list in any job advertisement. People with strong communication skills can build relationships (from the initial  building rapport through to a longer-term relationship), listen well, and vary their communication to suit the circumstances. If you spend time on nothing else, work on your communication skills.


Making Decisions

Valued by employers for many reasons, being able to make decisions is key to getting on in life. Sometimes the actual decision doesn’t even matter; what matters is that you have made one and moved on.


Self Motivation

People who are self-motivated get on by themselves. They don’t need close supervision and they are good to work with because they are generally positive about life and can be counted upon to keep going. It also helps to work on your personal resilience and adaptability to change.


Leadership Skills

These are the set of soft skills that we least expect someone to develop by themselves. There are many leadership training courses available and much has been written about how to develop your leadership skills. Our leadership skills pages describe many of the skills needed for effective leadership and how to develop your leadership style.


Team-Working Skills

Like leadership skills, there are many training courses to teach you how to work well in a team. However, there is also plenty of thinking to suggest that good communication skills, particularly good listening skills, together with an ability to build rapport will go a long way to support your ability to work well in a team.


Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

Creativity and problem-solving skills are highly valued because they are hard to develop. There are many people who believe that creative thinkers  are born, not made, and there are certainly some people who find these skills much easier. But, like  other skills, you can develop them if you work to do so and our pages on these topics will give you some  ideas about how to do this.


Time Management and Ability to Work Under Pressure

Many would say that these two skills, which often go hand-in-hand, are more an attitude than a skill. However they can also be developed and  honed, which is why we include them as skills. Highly valued by employers, they are also very  useful for organizing a family or a team, and for making sure that the job gets done.




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