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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a (JPA)?

San Antonio ROP is a JPA which stands for Joint Powers Agreement. It is a partnership or collaboration between similar agencies across local state governments that public education service in partnership with Bonita and Pomona Unified School Districts.

What is ROP?
ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program. There are 74 Regional Occupational Centers and Programs in the state of California that provide career technical education. ROP courses are designed for high school students and adults to provide quality career technical education and hands-on experience.


What is CTE?
CTE stands for Career Technical Education. CTE provides students with academic and technical skills, knowledge and training to be successful and employable. CTE programs are often provided by regional structures to serve students throughout multiple school districts and adults looking to gain hands-on training.


Who may participate in the ROP program?
ROP serves, in order of priority: high schools students 16 years and older, and Adults.

How much does it cost to participate in San Antonio ROP classes?
Courses for High School Students do not cost.


Must I reside in the Pomona Unified School District to participate in ROP?
The San Antonio ROP serves Bonita and Pomona Unified School District high school students.

How do I enroll in the ROP program?
High school students enroll through the counselor's office at their enrolled high school.


Do I earn credits for ROP classes?
High school students receive credit toward graduation requirements. Some  CTE courses offer students college credit through community college articulation, and A-G CTE courses.

Adult Fee ROP classes can enroll by emailing: [email protected]


Can ROP prepare me for the workplace?
ROP prepares students for the workplace by providing hands-on experience in career technical education courses. All courses contain a career readiness module that includes, communication, soft skills, customer service, work ethic, and critical thinking.


How many courses can I take?
Students can enroll in multiple courses as long as the course schedules do not conflict. Students cannot repeat courses.

How do I earn a certificate? 
Students who complete a course will receive a certificate of completion.

What is articulation? 
An articulated course is one in which a determination has been made that a course offered at the secondary level is comparable to a specific community college course.

What is a Community Classroom?
Community Classroom courses offer unpaid internship training for students and are designed to enhance regular course instruction. Community Classroom provides

Why should I take ROP?
Students consider taking ROP courses to:
1. Knowledge and training that meet the current employment, business, and industry demands
2. Gain hands-on experience 
3. Obtain possible scholarship opportunities 
4. Explore various careers 
5. Meets college and University of California requirements
6. Get ahead by starting a career pathway 
7. Obtain valuable skills 
8. Prepare for a specific career
9. Be employable 
10. Connect with like-minded students
11. Enhance to college and employment applications 
12. Boost their resume 
13. Develop soft skills
14. Develop technical skills
15. Earn grades and credits towards high school graduation

Where do you offer courses?
Courses are offered at Pomona Unified School District High Schools, and at CTEC , The Learning Center at Fairplex .
Diamond Ranch High School 
Fremont Academy 
Ganesha High School
Garey High School 
Palomares Academy
Park West High School 
Pomona High School 
Village Academy 

Are ROP instructors credentialed?
Instructors must hold a valid credential from the California Teacher Commission Credentialing and have work experience in the field they teach.

May I participate even though I am still learning English?
Yes, you may participate. Lack of English skills is no barrier to admission. There is no discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, gender, religion, ancestry, handicaps, or national origin. However, English classes may be recommended, and some courses require fingerprinting. See the instructor for details.

How can members of the business community contribute to the ROP program?
Advisory Committees: If you would like to join local community leaders in education, business, and industry to serve on an advisory committee. Contact the ROP office by email: [email protected] or Phone:909-397-4711 ext. 21500