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AB 746 Lead Testing

Pomona Unified School District
Testing for Lead in Drinking Water
Lead is a metal that has been used for many years in products such as gasoline, paint, and pottery glaze. Lead has also been used in solder to join metal pipes. When lead is present in pipes that deliver drinking water, very small amounts of the lead may be carried along with the water. This can be a cause for concern because lead, even in small amounts, may be harmful if swallowed. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that lead in drinking water not exceed 15 parts per billion (PPB). This is about the same proportion as a quarter of a teaspoon of food coloring in a medium-sized swimming pool.
In 2002 the District tested the water at 200 water fixtures in 46 sites. Several were higher than 15 PPB. In 2003 the high fixtures were retested to determine if lead levels were reduced. Of those, a few were still high and those were taken out of service. In 2010, to be very conservative, the District again tested water at sites. A total of 2,373 water fixtures were tested and approximately 136 were included in a fixture changeout program. Once the program was complete, additional testing was conducted to determine the effectiveness.
Complete reports regarding the Pomona Unified School District water testing are available on our District website.