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Goal 3: Learning Environments & Support Systems

2016-17 Learning Environments & Support Systems

All students will access safe and equitable learning environments and differentiated support systems that promote college and career readiness.


Annual Measurable Outcomes:

• Increase attendance
• Decrease chronic absenteeism
• Decrease dropout rates in middle/high schools
• Decrease suspension rates
• Decrease expulsion rates
• Increase parent involvement
• Williams Report

    • - Full compliance with school facilities repair status
    • - Full compliance with quality, currency, and availability of textbooks and instructional materials

• California Healthy Kids Survey

    • - Increase school safety, school connectedness, and District School Climate Index in middle/high schools


Related Actions and Strategies:

• Increase access to a technology-rich environment with computer labs, technicians
• Expand learning opportunities which could include online/blended coursework, STEM pathways, Career & Technical Education
• Expand extracurricular opportunities that promote positive attendance such as activities/athletics at high schools
• Provide crisis intervention and mental support staff
• Provide Cluster Parent Facilitators, Parent Centers, and support PTA/PTO
• Provide liaisons between foster care youth, families, schools and county agencies
• Increase student access to academic and behavioral counseling
• Increase personnel to support school interventions
• Provide materials and supplies


Expenditure Summary: $14,289,345


LCAP Staffing: 7 Teachers; 1 Teacher Specialist; 4 School Nurses; 2 School Site Specialists; 14 Counselors; 3 Administrators, 6 FTE Mental Health Supervisors, 5 FTE Facilitators, 4 FTE Senior Social Worker 6 FTE Student Support Specialist, 1 FTE Office Manager, 4 FTE Family Service Worker Specialist, 9 FTE Computer Techs, 3 FTE Career Techs, 1 Staff Assistant, 11.25 Health Science Assistant