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Administrative Director, Secondary Education
Monica Principe, M.Ed.


Monica Principe is a dedicated lifelong learner, passionate educator, instructional leader and accomplished athlete. As a graduate of UCLA, she proudly holds the distinction of being a two-time National Champion in softball, embodying the values of perseverance and teamwork.  She also earned a Master of Education and a Teaching Credential in Social Sciences from Azusa Pacific University and her Administrative Services Credential from Chapman University. 


With a deep-rooted commitment to education, Monica embarked on her teaching career in 1994 at her beloved alma mater, St. Paul High School. Over the years, she has worn multiple hats as a teacher, coach, department chair, and site leader, leaving an indelible impact on her students and colleagues. In 1998, she embraced a new challenge and joined the Pomona Unified School District, where she continues to thrive.


Monica possesses a wealth of knowledge in curriculum and instruction, coaching, and accountability and assessment. Her extensive experience in the educational field has allowed her to refine her skills and stay abreast of the latest advancements. Renowned for her unwavering dedication to excellence, she leads by example, consistently demonstrating energy, collaboration, and a strong work ethic.

Recognizing the value of meaningful connections, Monica believes that building and nurturing relationships is crucial to both professional success and personal fulfillment.


As an esteemed professional, she has held various pivotal roles, including teacher, Assistant Principal, High School Principal, Director, and currently serving as the Administrative Director for Secondary Education and in the Superintendent’s Cabinet.  Monica remains wholly dedicated to serving her district and community.


In all her endeavors, Monica Principe strives to make a positive impact and embraces every opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of those around her. With exceptional skills, visionary leadership, and a forward-thinking mindset, she continues to push the boundaries of educational excellence and inspire others to reach their full potential.

Secondary Education Monica Principe, Administrative Director
800 S. Garey Avenue, Room 208
Pomona, CA 91766

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