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Purchasing Director:

Ed Govea, ext. 23902


Administrative Secretary:

Imelda C. Gil, ext. 23902


Purchasing Supervisor:

Mina Young, ext. 23901



Esther Cervera, ext. 23930

Monica Luna, ext. 23905

Tiffany Pernell, ext. 23931


Purchasing Clerk:

Cristina Soto Arredondo, ext. 23904


The Purchasing, Warehouse, and Mail Room mission is to manage and coordinate the procurement of the District's supplies and services with integrity and professionalism, providing support, counsel, and services to the District and the community.

To negotiate, purchase and contract in an open, competitive, fair manner; securing maximum value for public funds through ethical, effective purchasing practices and high standards of excellence.

To listen, be objective, respectful and patient; using what we hear and experience as motivation to learn and grow; and to enjoy our work with a spirit of teamwork, enthusiasm, and fun. 

The Purchasing, Warehouse, and Mail Room goal is to assist the District's overall educational process at all times, understand all conditions, and to ensure a constant supply of goods and services necessary to support all school sites and departments. To give prime consideration to the District's best interests, while maintaining ethical relationships with all our customers.


Business Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

800 S. Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91766

Phone:   (909) 397-4800, Ext. 23900

Fax:   (909) 397-5050

Pre-Purchase Contact with District Personnel
Vendors will occasionally expend a considerable amount of time in presenting a product to the District in hopes of making a sale.  Please be aware that the final purchase will be made to the lowest pricing, or, in the event of a bid, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder meeting the specifications, terms and conditions of the bid.  
Any investment of time and/or expense during your pre-purchase contact does not guarantee a purchase/bid award to your company or give your company preferential treatment of any kind.