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Teacher Induction Program

The PUSD Teacher Induction Program

The Pomona Unified School District Teacher Induction Program is a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that is offered to teachers holding California Preliminary Teaching Credentials.  Successful completion of the program leads to a recommendation for the Clear Credential.

During the course of the two-year program, Candidates engage in self-selected action research, setting and pursuing professional growth goals related to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  Collaborating with a Mentor who offers both assistance and encouragement, they successfully navigate these first teaching years, learning to reflect on their day-to-day classroom experiences and make evidence-based decisions that guide their future practice.

For more information about the program or about enrolling, please call the Induction Program office.


Teacher Induction Program Staff

Program Director

Dr. Katherine Morillo-Shone 909-397-4800, Ext. 23830

Program Administrator

Dr. Pat L. Pawlak 909-397-4711, Ext. 21231

Lead Mentor/Special Education

Marlo Aubert 909-397-4711, Ext. 21227

Lead Mentor/Elementary

Marcy Santos 909-397-4711, Ext. 21226

Induction Secretary

Vacant 909-397-4711, Ext. 21232


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