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Welcome to the Induction Program

The Pomona Unified School District Teacher Induction Program is a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that is offered to teachers holding California Preliminary Teaching Credentials.  Successful completion of the program leads to a recommendation for the Clear Credential. 

During the course of the two-year program, Participating Teachers engage in self-selected action research, setting and pursuing professional growth goals related to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  Collaborating with a Support Provider who offers both assistance and encouragement, they successfully navigate these first teaching years, learning to reflect on their day-to-day classroom experiences and make evidence-based decisions that guide their future practice.

For more information about the program or about enrolling, please call the Induction Program office.


Induction Program Office

1460 E. Holt Ave., Suite 122

[The Village @ Indian Hill]

Pomona, CA 91767

Phone:    909-397-4711, Ext. 21232

Fax:        909-629-3703

Program Staff

Induction Program Staff

Induction Program Director:                                             Dr. Kathrine Morillo-Shone

                                                                                         909-397-4800, Ext. 23830

Induction Program Administrator:                                     Dr. Pat L. Pawlak

                                                                                         909-397-4711, Ext. 21231

Program Secretary                                                           Suzanna Aguirre

                                                                                         909-397-4711, Ext. 21232


Lead Support Provider/                                                    Erin Jackson

Teacher Specialist for Induction                                       909-397-4711, Ext. 21245

Support Provider/                                                             Marcy Santos, M.Ed.

Teacher Specialist for Induction / Elementary                  909-397-4711, Ext. 21226

Support Provider/Elementary                                           Luzmaria Babbitt


Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Alicia Decker

               Elementary                                                        909-397-4616

Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Jeanette DeHart

               Elementary                                                        909-397-4985

Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Anette Richards

               Elementary                                                        909-397-4985

Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Amy Rosado

               Elementary                                                        909-397-4616



Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Jason King

               Mathematics                                                     909-397-4498

Support Provider/Teaching Teacher Specialist                Bonnie Morris

               PE / Adapted PE                                               909-397-4616

Support Provider/Art                                                        Sadigheh Phillips


Support Provider/English                                                 Danielle Rasshan


Support Provider/Teacher Specialist                                Danielle Lovette

               English                                                               909-397-4711, Ext. 21248

Support Provider/Mathematics                                         Paul Rodriguez


Support Provider/Social Science                                      Arturo Molina


Support Provider/Social Science                                      Mark Haselton


Support Provider/Biology                                                  Katherine Lay


Support Provider/Music                                                     John Aranda

                                                                                          909-397-4711, Ext. 21266

Support Provider/Biology                                                  JaVian Jones


Support Provider/Physical Science                                   Dyan Barnhouse


Support Provider/Spanish                                                 Benjamin Segura


Special Education

Support Provider/Education Specialist                             Chinenye Agwu

               LH and Resource Specialist                              909-397-4750

Support Provider/Education Specialist                             Yolanda Marin

               Mild/Moderate                                                    909-397-4670

Support Provider/Education Specialist                             Michelle Reinhardt

               Moderate/Severe                                               909-397-4415