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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When ordering furniture, how many weeks does it take for delivery?

A:  Systems furniture or non-stock can take 4-8 weeks, in-stock items 2-3 days.


Q:  Why does it take so long for delivery?

A:  Non-stock furniture must be manufactured.


Q: I have a large order, can I just type on the Requisition, "see attached" or do I have to type all the information?

A:  All items must be listed line by line.


Q: Who do I speak to if I have a question regarding the On-line Smarte Requisition System?

A:  if you are experiencing technical issues, contact  the ITS Department Help Desk. For all other questions, please contact the Purchasing Department.


Q:  What is the procedure for shredding documents?

A:  Please see the Records Destruction Instructions and Form. (You can download this document from our downloads link)


Q:  What type of back-up documents are required for conferences, hotels, fieldtrips, etc?

A:  There are several documents required depending on the event. Please see the section on Conferences and Travel in our "How to do Business with Purchasing" Manual for complete information. (You can view the manual on-line or download it using the link in the blue box to the right)


Q:  Who do I contact if I need an update on a P.O. (purchase order)?

A:  Contact the designated Buyer for your school site or department.