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Abolish Chronic Truancy (ACT)

What is ACT?

The Abolish Chronic Truancy (ACT) program is a Los Angeles District Attorney's Office crime prevention/intervention program that enforces compulsory education laws by focusing on parents' responsibility and accountablity  to get children to school. The program targets parents and guardians of elementary school-aged children who are in danger of becoming habitual truants. By addressing the problem early on, during a stage where parents have control, the chances of students developing good attendance habits are increased. Likewise, the juvenile delinquency and later adult criminality are decreased. Losing days of learning in elementary school years can cause children to fall behind in their education. It is often difficult for these truant students to catch up and keep up with their peers. When the successes for a student are few at school, attendance predictably drops, and the cycle of truancy becomes entrenched.

All of Pomona Unified School District Elementary Schools, Kindergarten through Eighth grade are participating in the ACT program. With the District Attorney's support our goal is to change the climate and culture of Pomona schools. Attendance Means Proficiency! AMP It Up! For information about how the ACT program works please download the ACT Manual.

Attendance Posters

AMP IT UP! Attendance Means Proficiency
Attendance Flyers

Chronic or Habitual Absentee Documents

Tardy Letters

Homeless / Caregiver Affidavit Forms

School Bus Forms