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Crisis Resource and Support Links

Pomona Unified School District’s Students, Staff and Families:

Our hearts and condolences go out the students, kids, families, and community of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. I understand we are all trying to comprehend why these senseless school shooting continue in our country. We all have an expectation that when our child(ren) attend school, they will be safe. Let’s continue to work together to make sure we provide a safe rich learning environment for our students to think critically, learn, grow and develop the right coping skills. We can also work to prevent gun violence in schools by making sure our students don’t have access to weapons in the home and have the right supports in times where they may be experiencing destructive thoughts and/or anger.

The Pomona Unified School District is committed to making our schools safe but we need everyone help. If you see and/or hear something, please report it to immediately your school site’s administration and/or the local authorities.

We will continue to provide training and aligning resources to maximize our mental health and safety supports for our schools. The Los Angeles County Department of Education provided the following resources. Please take time to review the following resources.