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Career Technical Education Pathways & General Information

Career Technical Education Regional Occupational Program 
Office Location: 1460 Holt Ave. Suite 204
Pomona CA 91767 
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Career Technical Education prepares students of all ages for a wide range of high-wage, high-demand careers through the integration of rigorous academics and relevant, hands-on, industry-based experiences within the classroom setting and through work-based learning experiences. San Antonio Regional Occupational Program has provided high-quality Career Technical Education for secondary and adults students.

2021-22 Career Technical Education Pathways
Diamond Ranch High School 
  • Cisco Networking - Teacher, Kevin Robertson 
  • Hospitality Foods- Teacher Abier Sweiss
  • Sports Medicine - Teacher, Amanda Murphy
Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design 
  • Graphics Web Social Media - Teacher, Yolanda Mauricio 
Ganesha High School 
  • Cisco Networking - Vacancy
  • Legal Careers - Teacher. Nellie Moulton 
  • Marketing, Retail - Teacher, Shelia Andrade
Garey High School 
  • Education- Teacher, Karla Fuertez
  • Gaming- Teacher, David Rodriguez
  • Networking- David Rodriguez 
  • Law Enforcement - Eric Ledesma
  • Marketing Entrepreneurship-Teacher, Anna Cruz 
Palomares Academy of Health & Science
  • Health Occupations -Teacher, Rosalind Barba
Park West High School 
  • Construction -Teacher, Augusto Dolce
  • Culinary -Teacher, Vacancy
Pomona High School
  • Automotive During and After School Class -Teacher, Jesus Mendez
  • Cisco Networking -Teacher, Lidia Young 
  • Business- Teacher,  Lidia Young 
  • Education- Teacher, Heidi Carranza 
  • Manufacturing Technology- Teacher, David Guerra 
  • Manufacturing Machining and Forming After School Class- Teacher, Joe Martinez  
  • Construction-Teacher, Augusto Dolce  
  • Hospitality- Teacher, Vacancy 
Village Academy 
  • Broadcasting -Teacher, Thomas Reed 
  • Culinary Arts- Teacher, Vacancy 
  • Graphics - Teacher, Celia Castro
Across All Sites After School Classes 
  • Hospital and Community CTE Pathway
  • Cosmetology after school classes located at Village Indian Hill
  • 1st Year Suyapa Vega semesters 1 & 2
  • 2nd Year Veronica Mendoza semesters 3 & 4 
The CTEC Center located at the Los Angeles County Fairplex 
  • Intro to Automotive 
  • Systems, Service & Repair A (Prerequisite Intro to Automotive)
  • Intro to Manufacturing and Product Development (Welding) Fall class Full)
  • Intro to Plant & Soil Science (Urban Agriculture)
How to Apply
  1. Visit the CTEC’s website,
  2. Click on the career paths shown in the sub navigation menu for an overview of each pathway (Arts and Media Design, Automotive, Agriculture, Energy and Utilities, Hospitality, Welding).
  3. To view the current course schedule, click on How to Apply: Application PDF.
  4. Once your application is received, we will confirm your enrollment via email and/or phone.