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Career Technical Education Teachers & Support Staff

Abby Sweiss- Hospitality- Pro-Start 1-4- Diamond Ranch HS
Amanda Murphy- Health Science and Medical Technology -Diamond Ranch HS 
Anna Cruz- Marketing, Sales & Service -Garey H.S.
Augusto Dolce- Construction-Park West and SEEO HS
Bruno Martinez- Hospitality-Career Readiness -SEEO Simons MS
Carlos Hinostroza- Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation -Park West, Village Academy
Celia Castro- Arts Media, and Entertainment- Park West & SEEO 
David Guerra- Manufacturing and Production Development Garey & Pomona HS 
Eric Ledesma- Public Service- Criminal Justice- Garey HS
Heidi Carranza- Education, Child Development and Family Services- Pomona HS 
Vacant - Health Science and Medical Technology - Palomares Academy 
Jennifer Morici- Career Readiness- Village Indian Hill 
Jesse Mendez-Transportation- Pomona HS 
Joe Martinez-Manufacturing and Product Development -Pomona HS
Jonathan Ulloa-Arts Media Media, and Entertainment- Garey HS
Karla Fuertez Education, Child Development  - Garey HS
Kevin Robertson- Information and Communication Technology - Diamond Ranch HS
Nellie Moulton- Public Service - Ganesha HS
Rosalind Barba- Health Science and Medical Technology- Diamond Ranch HS
Sheila Andrade - Marketing, Sales and Service-Ganesha HS
Suyapa Vega- Fashion and Interior Design- Village Indian Hill
Veronica Mendoza-Fashion and Interior Design - Village Indian Hill 
David Rodriguez- Information and Communication Technology - Ganesha HS 
William Dawson-Arts Media and Entertainment- SEEO 
Yolanda Mauricio- Information and Communication Technology - Fremont Academy
Young, Lidia- Information and Communication Technology, Business & Finance- Pomona HS 
Administration and Support Staff 
Dr.Enrique Medina, Pomona Unified School District Director of Career Readiness
Monique Cardenas, Pomona Unified School District Program Administrator CTE
Vacancy, Pomona Unified School District Receptionist 
Margaret Longoria, Pomona Unified School District Typist Clerk I
San Antonio ROP