Interdistrict Attendance Permit / Permiso de Asistencia Interdistrito

The procedure to be followed in processing a request for an interdistrict attendance agreement from a student residing in the Pomona Unified School District requesting to attend another school district is as follows:

Fill out an interdistrict attendance agreement form, which can be obtained in the office of Pupil Resources. The completed form along with any supporting documents must be attached to your interdistrict attendance agreement form. Incomplete forms will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

All interdistrict attendance permits submitted to the office of Pupil Resources will be reviewed by the Director of Pupil Resources and notified by mail only.

Unless otherwise specified on the Inter District Attendance Agreement Form or in an Inter-District Agreement between the resident school district and the receiving district, the transfer is good for all grades at the receiving district and does not need to be renewed.
Print & Download forms below (Interdistrict transfer forms must be turned in to the Office of Pupil Resources in person or by mail only. Los formularios de transferencia entre distritos deben entregarse en la Oficina de Recursos para Alumnos en persona o solo por correo.(909) 397-4648, Ext. 28200): 
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