ACSA Region 15 honors Eva Morales-Vargas, Sharon Pon, Stacy King, and Eva Huizar for their Excellence

Pomona, California - The Pomona Unified School District (PUSD) proudly announces the remarkable achievement of four of its new administrators: Eva Morales-Vargas, Sharon Pon, Stacy King, and Eva Huizar. These outstanding individuals have been awarded a prestigious scholarship of $1,000 each for their induction program. Recognized for their exemplary dedication and leadership within the PUSD, they have been chosen to receive this honor from the retired administrators of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 15.
The scholarships, made possible by the generous contributions of retired administrators from ACSA Region 15, are a testament to the ongoing commitment to excellence within the educational community. The recipients will be formally celebrated and honored at a banquet scheduled to take place on April 19th at the esteemed Castaways Country Club in Burbank.
The banquet, set against the picturesque backdrop of Castaways Country Club in Burbank, will serve as a fitting tribute to the exceptional achievements of these administrators. It will be an evening of celebration, not only for the honorees but also for the entire Pomona community, as such scholarships are a rare honor, with only four being granted annually.
Portrait of Sharon Pon Portrait
Sharon Pon
Program Administrator
Department of Equity & Professional Learning
Stacy King
Assistant Principal
Philadelphia Elementary School
Portrait of Eva Morales-Vargas Portrait of Eva Huizar
Eva Morales-Vargas
Assistant Principal
Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design
Eva Huizar
Program Administrator
Special Education Department