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Welcome to Pomona Unified School Districts Child Development Programs! We offer a broad range of comprehensive Early Child Education Services for children ages 0-5.  Staff are highly qualified and committed to providing a rich learning and developmentally appropriate learning environment that fosters enthusiasm for lifelong learning and supports family engagement. In addition, we offer a variety of Child Care services which support parents who are employed, seeking employment, participating in vocational or job goal, job training or another approved activity. Income guidelines and qualifications for each program vary.  Follows is a brief description of programs available. Staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the various programs eligibility requirements. We are happy to answer your questions, provide clarifications and guide you to the program(s) that addresses your child’s Early Childhood Education and family child care needs.


Educational Services


Early Head Start –serves children 0-3               Qualifications -must meet income and eligibility requirements

Head Start- serves children 3-5                         Qualifications- must meet income and eligibility requirements

State Preschool-serves children 3-5                  Qualifications- must meet income and eligibility requirements


 Subsidized Child Care Programs


Alternative Payment -helps pay child care for parents who meet need and eligibility requirements, are employed seeking employment, in a vocational training or engaged in an approved activity as determined by State guidelines. Must meet State income guidelines. Serves children up to age 12 and special needs ages 13-21.  Enrollment into Alternative Payment is contingent on available funding and income ranking per the State’s guidelines.


CalWORKs Stage 1 Child Care- In conjunction with the Department of Public Service child care is available to participants who are receiving public assistance and engaged in an approved Welfare to Work activity or employed.


CalWORKs Stage2 Child Care Care-Families have access to this program if they previously received public assistance through the Department of Public Services. Service is up to 24 months after discontinuing cash assistance as long as need and eligibility criteria are met. Must meet State Income guidelines. Serves children up to age 12 and special needs ages 13-21.


CalWORKs Stage 3 Child Care-Families are eligible who continue to require child care services after the 24 months of eligibility expires in CalWORKS Stage 1 or Stage 2 transferring into Stage 3 with no break in services. Must meet State income guidelines. Serves children up to age 12 and special needs ages 13-21.


Resource and Referral

Resource and Referral services have evolved from a grassroots effort to help parents find child care, to a well-developed system that supports parents, providers, and local communities in finding, planning for, and providing affordable, quality child care.


Emergency Child Care Bridge Program- in conjunction with Department of Children and Families Services designed to increase the number of foster children successfully placed in home-based family care settings.