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What is SELPA?

What is a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)?

In 1977, Assembly Bill 1250 required all school districts and county schools offices to form geographical regions of sufficient size and scope to provide for all special education services needs of children residing within the region boundaries. Each SELPA developed a local plan describing how it would provide special education services. 

The Pomona Unified School District SELPA is a single-district SELPA. There are 2,600 students with disabilities enrolled in the Pomona USD SELPA.

The SELPA is responsible for assuring program availability for all students with disabilities. To achieve this, the SELPA assists the district with program development and coordinates regional programs within the SELPA. The SELPA provides technical assistance and administrative support to the school sites to insure compliance with state and federal requirements. Additionally, The SELPA provides staff development and training for educators and parents.