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Goal 2: Quality Staff

2016-17 Quality Staff


Student learning will be supported by qualified teachers and staff.


Annual Measurable Outcomes:

• Increase the number of teachers who meet/exceed credential requirements
• Decrease misassignments


Related Actions and Strategies:

• Provide professional development and collaborative opportunities on topics including:

    • - Common Core
    • - Technology integration
    • - Positive Behavior support
    • - Science

• Support qualified teachers to become fully credentialed through the District’s state-approved two-year Teacher Induction Program
• Provide learning opportunities addressing the needs of students through multi-tier support systems of intervention.
• Support class-size reduction through additional teachers and staff
• Promote college- and career-readiness through a culture of success, college and career-bound pathways, and 21st Century
classrooms and facilities
• Assist intervention teachers with clerical support


Expenditure Summary: $10,310,025


LCAP Staffing: 57.6 Teachers; 10 Teacher Specialists; 4 Teacher Specialists-Sp. Ed,

1 Biliterate Tech, 1 typist clerk