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Goal 1: Academic Achievement

2016-17 Academic Achievement



All students will demonstrate achievement of rigorous academic standards through high quality instruction and learning opportunities.

Annual Measurable Outcomes:

• Increase California Assessment Student Progress & Proficiency (CAASPP) ELA & Mathematics
• California English Language Development Test (CELDT), AMAO 1 – Increase English Learners growing by one proficiency level
• CELDT, AMAO 2 – Increase number of ELs attaining proficiency
• Increase EL reclassified rate
• Increase graduation rate
• Increase rate of students completing A-G requirements
• Increase Advanced Placement rates
• Increase early assessment program rates


Related Actions and Strategies:

• Increase access to media centers and instructional materials through library clerks, librarians, additional instructional materials
• Monitor assessments to ensure all students access the Common Core State Standards, and address DIA assessments in
parent conferences
• Reduce class size in grades K-3 and 7-9 mathematics, and reduce combination classes
• Provide online learning opportunities for designated student populations
• Provide interventions in reading, math, ELA
• Extend summer learning for identified student groups; summer leadership training to identified high school students
• Provide AVID Secondary at targeted schools, expand AVID Excel
• Continue primary (TK-3) programs
• Expand Dual Immersion Language Programs in Spanish and Mandarin
• Continue implementation of Technology Plan and provide teacher training through Teacher Technology Leads
• Support Art and Music Program
• Establish designated ELD protocols in elementary and middle school


Expenditure Summary: $11,788,487


LCAP Staffing: 49.2 Teachers; 4.15 Teacher Specialists, 6.88 Library Clerks, 15 Computer Techs, 1 Technology Specialist, 1 Application Specialist, 1 Computer Science Tech, 1 Secretary III, 4 FTE Instructional Aides