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Service Learning

Teacher Specialist: Paul Knopf
Address: 800 South Garey Avenue, Pomona CA (Suite 207)
Phone: (909) 397-4800 Ext. 23817

If any students or teacher has questions or needs help they can email me at

What is Service Learning?

The California Department of Education (CDE) defines "service learning" as an instructional strategy in which community service opportunities are integrated into the curriculum, with the goal of enhancing the core curriculum and helping students meet academic standards and develop a sense of civic responsibility. "Community service" provides opportunities for students to volunteer for the benefit of the community, but is a separate course.
Seal of Service
The district shall present the Seal of Service to high school students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to making a positive impact within their community and the world.

Student eligibility:
To be eligible for the “Seal of Service” on a student diploma and transcript, students must complete the following requirements prior to their last six weeks of graduating from PUSD.

I also want to repeat that students and teachers can email for help with their seal of service projects at