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Awards & Recognition

2018-19 PUSD Successes

  • 2019 MAGNA Award, recognized by the national American School Board Journal for PUSD’s ”Literacy Equity for Birth through 3rd Grade Hispanic Students and their Families.”


  • 2018 District of Distinction, recognized by the national magazine, District Administration for PUSD's summer school program. This is PUSD's third "District of Distinction" award.


  • 2018 PUSD Teacher of the Year, Adrienne Clay, SDC teacher, Vejar Elementary School.


  • 2018 Educator of the Year Honoree, Abigail Ramirez, Simons Middle School, honored by Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, District 52.


  • 2018 Attendance Campaign Award to Cortez Principal Lacey Lemus and CWA Coordinator Tatiana Gomez.



  • 5 Perfect CAASPP Scores
    • Lexington, 7th Grade, John Bragado
    • Lorbeer, 8th Grade, Owen Peng
    • Pantera, 4th Grade, Tyler Lu
    • Pantera, 4th Grade, Yousef Ahmad
    • Pantera, 4th Grade, Lily Gonzalez


  • 86 Perfect CAASPP Scores in English Language Arts or Math


ELA – Elementary School

  • Allison Elementary, 5th Grade, Andrea Diaz
  • Armstrong Elementary, 4th Grade, Matthew Tran
  • Barfield Elementary, 3rd Grade, Christopher Garcia-Moreno
  • Cortez Math & Science, 3rd Grade, Isabella Pel
  • Cortez Math & Science, 8th Grade, Samantha Loza
  • Decker Elementary, 6th Grade, Lussiana Fragoso
  • Decker Elementary, 6th Grade, Dylan Tran
  • Diamond Point Elementary, 5th Grade, Angelina Siswati
  • Golden Springs Elementary, 6th Grade, Kadence Hsieh
  • Lincoln Elementary, 6th Grade, Dylan Rojas
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Louis Nathaniel Blakely
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Joshua Cadiz
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Czech Steven Chua
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Lily Eskandari
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Ismael Fazlani
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Xavier Santacruz
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Marlow Shriver
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Emily Yoon
  • Pantera Elementary, 6th Grade, Kaelynn Cadiz
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 3rd Grade, Curtis Chai
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 3rd Grade, Brooke Lam
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 5th Grade, Xinqi Chang
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 5th Grade, Jazmin Palasek
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 5th Grade, Christopher Suryadi
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 6th Grade Samantha Wallace
  • Roosevelt Elementary, 3rd Grade, Judith Rodriguez
  • Roosevelt Elementary, 4th Grade, Ana Sandoval Garcia
  • San Jose Elementary, 7th Grade, Shelby Gonzalez
  • San Jose Elementary, 8th Grade, Helen Dang
  • Vejar Elementary, Casey Otero
  • Washington Elementary, 3rd Grade, Javier Soto-Fregoso


ELA – Middle School

  • Emerson Middle, 8th Grade, Lorena Naranjo
  • Lorbeer Middle, 7th Grade, Lauren Agarwala
  • Lorbeer Middle, 7th Grade, Isabella Juarez
  • Lorbeer Middle, 7th Grade, Zoe Rivanis
  • Lorbeer Middle, 8th Grade, Bryan Quirarte
  • Marshall Middle, 6th Grade, Miguel Flores
  • Marshall Middle, 7th Grade, Amy Castellanos
  • Simons Middle, 7th Grade, Evan Lara
  • Simons Middle, 7th Grade, Albert Miranda


ELA – High School

  • Diamond Ranch High, 11th Grade, Venus Hagan
  • Diamond Ranch High, 11th Grade, Morgan Henderson
  • Diamond Ranch High, 11th Grade, Julio Sandoval
  • Diamond Ranch High, 11th Grade, Katelyn Su
  • Fremont Academy, 7th Grade, Vanessa Manzo-Manzo
  • Fremont Academy, 11th Grade, Maevian Angelica David
  • Fremont Academy, 11th Grade, Esthefannia Gutierrez Nava
  • Fremont Academy, 11th Grade, Diego Milian
  • Fremont Academy, 11th Grade, Nicole Pettit
  • Ganesha High, 11th Grade, Nohemi Garcia-Soto
  • Ganesha High, 11th Grade, Alan Michel
  • Ganesha High, 11th Grade, Sara Wright
  • Garey High, 11th Grade, Brianna Berdin
  • Garey High, 11th Grade, Melody Sanchez
  • Garey High, 11th Grade, Diana Valencia
  • Palomares Academy, 7th Grade, Kaitlin Atencio
  • Pomona High, 11th Grade, Melissa Barboza
  • Pomona High, 11th Grade, Maria Kristina Lagramada
  • Pomona High, 11th Grade, Alicia Reyes


Math – Elementary School

  • Armstrong Elementary, 5th Grade, Violet Hoang
  • Barfield Elementary, 5th Grade, Diana Quezada
  • Cortez Math & Science, 4th Grade, Mauricio Perez
  • Golden Springs Elementary, 6th Grade, Lucas Drake
  • Golden Springs Elementary, 5th Grade, Anjali Lefevre-Dhore
  • Golden Springs Elementary, 5th Grade, Ryan Lefevre-Dhore
  • Lexington Elementary, 8th Grade, Alejandro Beltran-Urrea
  • Madison Elementary, 4th Grade, Juan Rodriguez
  • Pantera Elementary, 3rd Grade, Charles Chang
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade, Jiachang Lliu
  • Pantera Elementary, 3rd Grade, Zachary Zhi
  • Pantera Elementary, 4th Grade Owen True
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 3rd Grade, Amara Beatty
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 4th Grade, Kaylee Grove
  • Ranch Hills Elementary, 5th Grade, Johan Wang
  • Vejar Elementary, 4th Grade, Alan Cervantes


Math – Middle School

  • Emerson Middle, 7th Grade, John Phan
  • Lorbeer Middle, 7th Grade, Silus Sykes
  • Lorbeer Middle, 8th Grade, Noah Kim
  • Lorbeer Middle, 8th Grade, Tu Nguyen
  • Lorbeer Middle, 8th Grade, Gabriel Robles
  • Simons Middle, 8th Grade, Anna Hurtado
  • Simons Middle, 8th Grade, Jason Le
  • Simons Middle, 8th Grade, Guadalupe Pasillas-Alvarado


Math – High School

  • Diamond Ranch High, 11th Grade, Garrett Parker
  • Ganesha High, 11th Grade, Sergio Colis Chavez
  • Garey High, 11th Grade, Selena Pham


Village Academy had 2 student films showcased at the 2018 All American High School Film Festival in New York. Only 75 films were selected out of more than 2,000 nationwide.



Diamond Ranch girls won CIF championship in Basketball.