School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW)

This year's theme, "Find Your Focus" is action oriented, flexible, and relevant to all age groups. Finding your focus can mean a variety of meanings from paying attention, to being able to see an idea more clearly, to identifying an area of interest, or to being persistent or determined in one’s effort. Focusing can help us set goals, identify action steps, communicate need, and engage in discussions to help create the connections necessary for students to develop critical academic and social emotional skills.
Additionally, school psychologists and other school staff may “find their focus” by honing in on their leadership in the counseling room, the classroom, the community, and beyond. School psychologists can find a focus to help improve school climate, advocate for systems-level change, or enhance specific areas of their practice. 
The program involves a series of resources and suggested activities to help the school staff, students and parents use the theme to convey the variety of factors that contribute to thriving students and school communities. Resources and messaging can be adapted to students and adults, different age groups and multiple contexts.
From sample newsletters, to interactive classroom activities, to press releases, there are multiple ways to bring the "Find Your Focus” theme to your school community. Be sure to share your efforts and follow those of others using #SPAW2019 on social media. 

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